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A new space for youth is now open at the Phillis Wheatley Community Center in Greenville, South Carolina. Located adjacent to the Center’s library the Learning Lab is designed for study and play with desk seating and Chromebooks for six, an air hockey table and other games. 

The Learning Lab is a place for youth to do their homework, practice digital literacy skills, and to have fun. Right now, it’s an additional space for youth attending summer and after-school programs. Eventually, we hope to add additional programming and services in the space such as tutoring.

Randy Jackson

Executive Director, Phillis Wheatley Community Center

Construction services and materials for the space were made possible by generous donations. Industrial Project Innovation led the construction of the room and donated the carpet and other materials. Local Nicholtown community member LaVanda Sweeney donated six Chromebooks so that youth will always have a place to do homework with a Wi-Fi connection. 

The Learning Lab is currently available for use to those attending afterschool care and summer programs at the center. Until the school year starts later this fall, contact Phillis Wheatley Community Center at 864.240.4242 to access the space.