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Welcome to Phillis Wheatley Community Center!

Serving Upstate South Carolina for more than a century.

What is our story?


[Video Start]
[0:00] Drone footage zooming into front of Phillis Wheatley Center Building from the air.
[0:05] Scene Change to inside of gym area with Adults and Seniors doing Line Dancing Program for physical activity.
[0:09] Scene Change to inside music room with piano and Youth participating in Musicianship Program.
[0:12] Scene Change to inside of music room with Youth practicing dancing and performing arts.
[0:16] Scene Change to inside of room with Seniors playing bingo.
[0:20] Scene Change to Adults and Seniors doing crafts in the same room.
[0:23] Scene Change to Seniors socializing and playing bingo in the same room.
[0:26] [Video End]

Video Transcript

Transcript – English
0:03 my name is Art saver and I proudly serve
0:06 on the board of directors of the Phyllis
0:08 Wheatley community center in Greenville
0:11 for over 100 years Phyllis Wheatley has
0:14 provided hope
0:16 Vision education
0:19 character building and appreciation for
0:22 the Arts Recreation for kids and
0:25 students in an underserved population in
0:28 our community as part of their 100 year
0:31 anniversary Phyllis Wheatley is
0:33 renovating the entrance to their
0:35 facility and creating a commemorative
0:38 brick Walk of Fame
0:41 Southern First Bank is proudly
0:44 participating in this commemorative
0:46 brick campaign we are setting aside ten
0:49 thousand dollars that will be utilized
0:51 to match your gift and double the impact
0:54 as we serve kids and students in this
0:58 community I’m asking for your
1:00 participation I’m asking for your
1:02 support will you purchase a brick will
1:04 you purchase two bricks they’re only
1:06 five hundred dollars they will be
1:09 engraved with your name or name of
1:11 someone you choose to honor or
1:13 memorialize your gift will impact lives
1:17 and support the incredible mission of
1:20 the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center
1:22 thank you

Buy a brick and Southern First will match your donation!

Southern First CEO and Phillis Wheatley Board Member Art Seaver has announced a $10,000 match challenge for our Leave Your Mark brick campaign.

Buy a brick now to double the impact of your donation and leave your permanent mark on the Phillis Wheatley Community Center!

Our Programs

Through our on-site staff and our community partners, we offer a variety of programming available for the Greenville community. From athletics to our senior social, there’s something for everyone!





Performing Arts

What’s Happening?!

News and Updates

Phillis Wheatley Community Center Partners with Swamp Rabbits for Teddy Bear Toss

 Phillis Wheatley Community Center has partnered with the Greenville Swamp Rabbits hockey team for the Teddy Bear Toss night on December 10th! The Greenville Swamp Rabbits are facing off against the South Carolina Stingrays at 7pm. A portion of the proceeds from...

Phillis Wheatley Community Center receives Rose Ball grant to support senior fitness and recreation park

The Charity Ball Board of Greenville held the 2021 Rose Ball on September 24 at the Poinsett Club. Phillis Wheatley Community Center was one of twelve beneficiaries selected to receive a portion of the proceeds. The 2021 beneficiaries were selected from a pool of over...

Phillis Wheatley Alumnus Brandon Coleman becomes Performing Arts Director

Brandon Coleman Brandon Coleman was hired as Performing Arts Director in Spring 2022. Brandon is carrying forward the legacy of the Dwight Woods Repertory Theatre for Youth and bringing it into the next generation, in addition to adding new performing arts programming...

Phillis Wheatley Community Center adds new Client Advocate and Program Manager to team

Phillis Wheatley Community Center is pleased to add two new experienced professionals to our team. Brittany Coleman, Program Manager As the Program Coordinator, Brittany develops and oversees several of the programs at Phillis Wheatley Community Center. Brittany has a...

Phillis Wheatley Community Center featured on Non-Profit Minute

Executive Director of Phillis Wheatley Community Center Randy Jackson was the featured guest in the Who’s on the Move Non-Profit Minute to talk about the Center. https://youtu.be/JKm5oTlohz0

Phillis Wheatley Community Center receives grant from Greenville Women Giving

Greenville Women Giving (GWG) awarded more than $500,000 in grants to six local nonprofits during its annual meeting May 19. Phillis Wheatley Community Center was chosen from a pool of 70 applications as a recipient of $65,000 to fund lighting and technological...

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