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There are a variety of opportunities at Phillis Wheatley Community Center for those interested in the performing arts. Below are a variety of programs. If you are interested in participating, contact Performing Arts Director Brandon Coleman at 864.240.4242 ext. 207 or bcoleman@philliswheatleysc.org to learn more.


Internship Available

Looking for experience in the performing arts industry? The part-time Administrative Assistant Intern will assist the Performing Arts Director with a variety of tasks.

Phillis Wheatley Community Center Serving Greenville SC Staff Brandon Coleman

Repertory Theatre

Phillis Wheatley Repertory Theatre is a performing arts program for middle and high school students, ages 10 – 18. Students participate in practices on the evenings and weekends in our new practice facility and learn the art of music, performance and broadcasting. The Theatre has collaborative partnerships with the Greenville Fine Art Center and The Peace Center. Many of the theatre’s productions are hosted at the Center, and our students are often invited to perform in the community at festivals and other events.

Students are mentored and supported through the practices and performances. Through the discipline and expression required in the theatre program, we teach life skills and teamwork. Repertory Theatre students are well-positioned for success and go on to graduate from high school and attend college at high rates.

Digital Content Creation

Podcasting, Filmmaking, Music Production, Graphics, and Broadcasting/Live Streaming techniques are taught to students who show interest. Onsite/Offsite instructional teaching will be conducted by our staff and our collaborative partners, The Peace Center, The Fine Arts Center, and The Warehouse Theatre.

Recent Performances

Juneteenth GVL Mega Fest, June 18, 2022

Video Audio/Descriptive Transcript

(Video Start)

(0:00) (Still Frame) Cover Page – Logo for Phillis Wheatley Community Center, Dwight Woods Repertory Theatre, Juneteenth GVL MegaFest, June 18, 2022

(0:03) (Video panning) Scene Change – (Picture of sign showing Saturday June 18th time 11am-8pm, Thanks 4 Visiting Juneteenth GVL Mega Fest, Scan for Map & Info – QR Code) Speaking: We all came from Phillis Wheatley wrestle Mr. Wood saw but let’s bring about right now. Let’s show

(0:09) (Video) Scene Change (to Stage) Speaking: them what they doing right now. Y’all make some noise.

(0:12) Speaking: Put your hands together put a fellow sweetly Repertory here.

(0:17) (video) Scene Change – (special effect spiral spins and reveals band)

(0:18) (Band revealed on stage)

(0:23) (Music starts and harmony begins)

(0:32) (Speaking/Singing) Of Juneteenth now with an 

(0:35) open hands, but with the fist of unity

(0:38) open hands, but with the fist of unity created by the

(0:41) activist ben-haven 1997. He was also

(0:44) the founder of the national gym team celebration Foundation.

(0:47) Was created to commemorate

(0:51) Was created to commemorate the day that the black slave was

(0:54) set free in the United States of America by the

(0:58) emancipation of 1863 sign

(1:01) for president him Lincoln

(1:04) in history

(1:10) starting with the color the red

(1:14) and the

(1:16) blue represents the American flag.

(1:19) And that all slaves and their descendants were

(1:24) and are Americans the

(1:28) curve across the width of

(1:30) the Flag represents a new horizon.

(1:32) opportunities and promises that lay ahead of

(1:34) black Americans after free

(1:40) In the middle has a dual meaning.

(1:43) presenting

(1:45) text the Lone Star State for it wasn’t Galveston 1865 that

(1:47) General Gordon Granger informed the last

(1:51) of the slaves that the silver war was over and that they were free.

(1:55) (video pans to audience) It also represents a Nova

(2:00) a new star which is a new beginning.

(2:01) (video returns to stage)

(2:03) and this will represent the New Horizon and

(2:08) opportunity for all Americans. So once

(2:10) again, we stand up

(2:13) we stand up

(2:16) and salute our flag

(2:20) and we shout and

(2:23) we shout.

(2:34) (video spirals out) (off stage view of band members) Good job. Good job. Good job.

(2:41) Good job. Good job. Good.

(2:44) (Video Ends)


Over its 100+ year history Phillis Wheatley Community Center has almost always had an element of performing arts programming. In the mid-1980s, after a very successful summer camp finale performance with 70+ students, that programming was made a permanent part of the Center when Clark Nesbitt and Dwight Woods, both famous composers and producers of musicals and music, founded the Phillis Wheatley Repertory Theatre for youth.

Repertory Theatre Alumni

Several Repertory Theatre students have gone on to fruitful careers in the performing arts, including:

Phillip Boykin, a performer on opera stages and Broadway, who received a Tony Award nomination for his 2012 performance in “Porgy and Bess”.

Singer Gigi Allen, who has traveled the world performing solo as well touring with Peabo Bryson and Kenny G.

​​Producer Dontavious Ladson, award winning producer who’s worked with artist such as Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, Todd Galberth, William Murphy and others.

Delvin Choice, top 8 finalist from TV show “The Voice”.

Ruby Durham, on-air personality, news anchor, and current Miss North Carolina.

Upcoming Performances


The Wiz, Jr. in 2023

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