About Us

The Phillis Wheatley Community Center, founded in 1920 by Hattie Logan Duckett, has served the Greenville community for over 90 years by empowering individuals and families to grow to their fullest potential.


Every child will discover their unique talents and abilities in order to realize their full potential in a thriving community.


Provide a nurturing environment to foster hope and achievement in children through programs and services presented through collaboration and partnerships


  • Serving underserved and unserved children: Some call them “hard-to-reach” others call them “at-risk”, we call them our children. The harder they are to reach and the greater the risk, we will still do what we can, within our capacity, to serve.
  • Transparency: We will operate in a manner that fosters trust with our stakeholders. Hidden agendas and ulterior motives will not be tolerated.
  • Integrity: Our integrity, both individually and collectively, will remain beyond reproach. Our business practices will exemplify integrity and accountability. We recognize that the credibility of the organization is strengthened when we model integrity.
  • Community: The Phillis Wheatley Association is more than a community organization; it’s the community’s organization – we’re a part of the fabric of the community. We will continue to build and strengthen inclusive relationships and culture of collaboration.
  • Hopefulness: Just as we encourage children to never give up, we shall never give up. Hope is more than an aspirational feeling; it’s the fuel that keeps us going when circumstances would dictate that we stop.