About Phillis Wheatley

The Phillis Wheatley Association, founded in 1919 by Hattie Logan Duckett, has served the Greenville community for over 90 years by empowering individuals and families to grow to their fullest potential. Their purpose is to create a safe, caring and supportive environment to nurture the development of children and youths and to partner with local organizations to offer programs and services that enhance self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life for underserved and unserved citizens in Greenville and surrounding areas.

The PWA center is vital to the community as it is geographically located where families can have access to the programs offered. It is the only local source that provides a summer camp program and afterschool care, as well as, the repertory theatre for arts & cultural advancement outside of the local school system. The community and the local residents face many challenges, including lack of income and lack of reliable transportation that prevents them from accessing services offered outside of the community. As a result, they are at-risk for being underserved and left behind.